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Cis people are so gullible. A doctor basically gave a quick glance at your junk before you were even old enough to communicate and you think that’s the best gauge of your gender? Sad.


i found the cis person

I found the trans kid who think being rude or “sassy” as they seem to think, makes them clever. Though that really that isn’t all that hard to find here nowadays.
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"I dislike SJWs because I saw this one dude—"


No. Just because some extremist weirdo did some weird extremist stuff doesn’t make all SJWs ‘bad’. No. No.

Wow, it’s like you’re saying “Not all SJWs!” But frankly, a portion do it, and I have to assume that statistically the rest do too or will do the same. I’m not being unreasonable uwu
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Some of the best alpine/woodland military camo is developed by the Swiss, but most of the rest of the world refuse to use it because it has pink and red splotches on it, making it look “unmanly.”

Honestly if you’d prefer to risk it for the sake of looking “manly”…

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I lost respect when I learned of Gandhi’s body hatred and even more that he refused to have sex with his wife for the last thirty-eight years of their marriage (in fact he felt that people should have sex only three or four times in their lives) I lost even more [respect] when I found out that in order to test his commitment to celibacy, he had beautiful young women lie next to him naked through the night: evidently his wife - whom he described as looking like a ‘meek cow’ - was no longer desirable enough [to] be a solid test

On Pacifism

-Derrick Jenson

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Yeah, Gandhi was an unbelievably selfish individual. My biggest reason for losing respect for him, though, was that he criticized the Jews for defending themselves against the Holocaust — he insisted that they should have committed public mass suicide in order to “shame” the Germans instead of fighting back.

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…. In order to shame the Germans?  WTF?  The Germans wouldn’t’ve been shamed - they’d’ve been thrilled to get their way so easily!

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Gandhi’s exact words were: “But the Jews should have offered themselves to the butcher’s knife. They should have thrown themselves into the sea from cliffs. As it is, they succumbed anyway in their millions.” He also wrote an open letter to the British people in 1940 telling them to surrender to the Axis even if it meant accepting genocide:

“I would like you to lay down the arms you have as being useless for saving you or humanity. You will invite Herr Hitler and Signor Mussolini to take what they want of the countries you call your possessions. Let them take possession of your beautiful island, with your many beautiful buildings. You will give all these but neither your souls, nor your minds. If these gentlemen choose to occupy your homes, you will vacate them. If they do not give you free passage out, you will allow yourself, man, woman and child, to be slaughtered, but you will refuse to owe allegiance to them.”

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he was also anti-black (lost all respect for him after reading how he treated sub-saharan africans).

read this. everyone needs to know gandhi’s “true colors”. 

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Ghandi was a pedophile, to boot.

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i’ve reblogged this before but this version has even better commentary and sources so

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also he believed women shouldn’t fight off their rapists

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His wife died from a treatable illness because he “didn’t believe in modern medicine”.

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Yes and let’s not forget what he did to Bhagat Singh also.

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They do NOT teach you this in school

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its about time folks find out who the real gandhi is. He considered Blacks slave, inferior and dirty. He actually wanted the whites in south africa to continue apartheid as he compared Blacks to animals.

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I knew a fair amount of this due to being pakistani (we are kind of…not huge gandhi fans) but some of this shocked even me.

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Wow…. This is very eye-opening. So disappointing, smdh.

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yeah the reason they do not teach you this in school is DELIBERATE. gandhi was ultimately an ally of the british and basically all oppressors everywhere, and an oppressor himself. he was born into high caste and spent his entire life benefitting off the backs of his own people. and fucking postcolonial india is still obsessed with him, GREATLY because of the mark the british left on academic curriculum and the overall culture.

they taught you to love gandhi because they wanted you to love your oppressor.

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So are any of you actually going to post proof? Or are you expecting us to take what you say at face value? These don’t really seem to fit with how Ghandi was, in fact, I would even bet that half of this list is made up by a bunch of sjws who sit on their laptops and spew bullshit all the time uwu
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You cannot be racist to white people

just like you can’t fire your boss

because you don’t have that power

Wow, I really don’t think you realize what you’re implying? Or should I be looking for my slave? But really, racism is the prejudice against someone due to their race. That’s the fucking definition, racism is not based on power, it’s based on hatred due to race you halfwit. Gi read a history book, one that delves a little farther back than american history. I think you’ll find just how racist you poc can be uwu
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Oh fuck off, it’s not cisnormative, it’s to identify the baby’s sex. I guarantee, most parents won’t go with your silly alternative just so you can feel better, doctors are gonna call babies boy or girl, it’s that simple.
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i always cringe a little when i see a picture of two white gay dudes juxtaposed pictures of britney spears or kim kardashian captioned “you think these have ruined the sanctity marriage well LOOK AT THESE TERRIBLE PEOPLE” or something similiar 

like i can see you, i know what you are doing, using white gay men as an excuse to attack and demonize women

please righteously fuck off

Oh yes, because the secret gay agenda is to demonize women so that every other guy realizes their inner gayness and then gets hungry for cock. You have figured them out OP, you’ve cracked the puzzle. Now how about you go play the “Who can keep the plastic bag over their head longer” game with yourself. I bet you’d take the gold, you brilliant idiot.
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Sex is a social construct.

Sex is a social construct.

Sex is a social construct.

Sex is a social construct.


so stop saying “sex is biological”, it’s just like gender for fuck’s sake

kay thanks 。◕ ‿ ◕。

Go up to two monkeys that are having a go at it, and tell them that it’s a social construct. See what happens. Also, I was gonna say that I hope you don’t breed or raise any kids, but when you say shit like “SEX IS A SOCIAL CONSTRUCT!” You probably aren’t gonna anyways uwu
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fun fact all of the disney princesses are autistic

snow white??? autistic

ariel??? autistic

elsa??? AUTISTIC

belle??? special interest in that one book she read over and over

I really hope this is a joke. What the fuck is with tumblr romanticizing autism? Like seriously? Did I miss a memo at the Fuckwit Meeting?
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I don’t need feminism because:

-I am not a VICTIM.

-Equality includes MEN.

-As a raped woman, I know that not all men are MONSTERS.

-It’s freaking 2014


are you fucking kidding me. no. do you even know what feminism is, you privileged asswipe? feminism is NOT about hating men. in ANY way. at all. feminism is about making women and men and gender-queer people all equal to each other. it even includes queer rights, and fighting against racism. so yeah. not all men are ‘monsters’. But there again is that awful “not all men” which has been overused in disgusting ways that i don’t even want to get into.

Also???? you arent a victim??? what does that have to do with feminism??? you’re saying that just because you don’t see yourself personally as being wronged, you cant see that women and trans people are still victims of abuse and violence in the twenty-first century??? do they deserve that? are they not victims of a fucked-up society as well, or am I just imagining it????

and yes. equality does include men. however; men are altogether more privileged than females and trans people. in the US, women didn’t have the right to vote until less than 100 years ago. just think about that. When the titanic sank, women couldn’t vote in the US, which at that point was a fairly progressive country for its time. and you know who fought tooth and nail for that right? If you answered femists, you would be absolutely-fucking-right. But wait, you cant even appreciate that right because you aren’t fucking mature enough to realize the weight of your words, let alone the weight of your vote.

and yeah. it is ‘freaking 2014’. and that’s why I’m angry that there are people like you, who think that women and trans people are equal to men. women are still only paid 73 cents for every dollar made by a man. and that’s not even considering woc, who are paid even less. but you wouldn’t be concerned about that, would you? no. you look exactly like the type of privileged, ignorant, white girl that typically show up in these types of posts, claiming that you “don’t need feminism” because you think it doesn’t apply to you.

but ill tell you something. I wish I could live in your world; a world where social issues don’t exist, and I don’t have to fight every day just to be held equal to someone with a differently shaped chromosome. I wish I could live in that world, and be completely comfortable when I walk down the street alone. I wish that, when I can drink, I won’t have to watch my drink to make sure no one slips something into it while I have my guard down. I wish that female celebrities weren’t so constantly sexualized, especially teen celebrities. I wish that poc didn’t have to put up with as much shit as they do. I wish that all trans people could go on hormones. I wish for so many things, but I know that the only way we will see that progress is if feminists are still alive and kicking.

and that is why i do need feminism.

its an opinion and people support it just like your stupid feminism

okay. apparently you didn’t go for my explanation of feminism, so i guess I’ll try and explain to you what sexism is.

  • sexism is when my dad laughs at a joke on the local radio show that demeans women.
  • sexism is when the boys in all my classes are called on more than the girls, even though there often more girls in my classes.
  • sexism is when gender roles are forced on girls and boys from the time that their sex is determined, either at birth or during an ultrasound.
  • sexism is when women are paid less than men for doing the same job.
  • sexism is when women aren’t hired at a company because an equally qualified male applicant applied for the same job.
  • sexism is when women are harassed on streets they walk on every day.
  • sexism is when most victims of sexual assault are women.
  • sexism is when women are expected to be docile and submissive and their male counterparts are expected to be loud and dominant.
  • sexism is when people make stupid internet memes for the sole purpose of demeaning women.
  • sexism is when women can’t have abortions, not even for medically valid reasons, because a group of men decided that bodily autonomy is more important for corpses than living beings.
  • sexism is when grossly thin models are photoshopped onto glossy magazine covers, telling young girls that that is the body that they should want, from the time they aren’t even old enough to grasp the mere concept of photoshop.
  • sexism is when we tell little girls that “boys will be boys” when they hurt them on the playground, but punish the girl when she does the same.
  • sexism is when women are shamed for having lots of sex, even though a man having the same amount of sex is lauded for exactly that.

There are so many forms that sexism takes, and these are just a handful. I don’t know if you have ever witnessed any of these, but maybe I should tell you anyways: feminism takes all of these forms, and shits on them, because they should never have had a place in today’s society, or yesterday’s society, and especially not tomorrow’s society.

And honestly, your inability to articulate never ceases to amaze me.


Perhaps you need to stop being so aggressive with your beliefs and understand other people are entitled to opinions. If you dislike it that is fine, but don’t be rude about it, that’s not what Tumblr is for.

Except her opinion of feminism is incorrect and the people above are simply saying what feminism actually is. Feminists aren’t playing the victim or have ‘victim complexes’ and ‘feminism’ doesn’t mean ‘only for women.’ It’s not just that they ‘don’t like it’; her definition of ‘needing feminism’ is wrong and they are correcting it. They aren’t being rude.

Yes i’m sure insulting and calling a rape survivor a  ”privileged asswipe” is very of Feminist both of you ………… Great

Don’t cherry pick words ass hole , that’s not me being a feminist that’s me being me and you and the “rape victim,” who probably was never raped bc look at her , no eyebrows, probably fishing for thins to write and that poster, are bring knives to a gun show. Woman like you fear change, but beware because feminism is stronger than any outside “anti-” force. So watch out, because feminism is making a change if you like it or not, and it’s changing our society for the better.

Wow, I almost spit my beer out of amazement for how much of a fucking toolbox you are. Thrid-wave feminism is a joke, simple. And you’re response only proves that, you’re honestly questioning the validity of a rape victim because she has no eyebrows? You’re a shallow little twat aren’t you? Just because she recognizes that feminism is fucking hogwash doesn’t mean she’s lying about being raped. And telling someone to “beware feminism”? Really? You’re on tumblr and going on about the non-existant wage gap, you’re like a caricature. It’s almost funny, but really it’s sad. Go outside and learn a thing or two, educate yourself uwu